Frequently Asked Question = FAQ

What is an Escort agency?

Escort agencies are companies that provide escorts for the agency's clients. The agency typically arranges a meeting between one of its escorts and the client at the customer's resident or hotel room. Some agencies provide escorts for longer durations, who may stay with the client or travel along on a holiday or business trip. While the escort agency is paid a fee for this booking and dispatch service, the exchange of money between customer and escorts for time and discreet companionship is by personal choice.

What is an incall? Outcall?

An incall is when you arrange to meet an escort at her hotel or apartment. An outcall is when the escort comes to your hotel or residence.

What is a GFE?

A GFE means a “GirlFriend Experience”. It basically involves having an emotional, sensual and intellectual connection to a woman, similar to a real girlfriend.  Most parlours (and some agencies) just provide a body for physical sex. There is no intimacy, passionate kissing or sensual contact that you experience in a GFE.  All our VIP Escorts prefer GFE encounters and that’s why they work for us. They want to enjoy the experience us much as you do.

Which escorts are highly recommended and most sought after?

Models and VIPs. They provide intimacy, passionate kissing or sensual contact that you experience in a GFE.

How many times can I have intercourse?

It is stated in the Rates page. Thus, for VIP Escorts nothing is regimented because being GFE, you will find your encounter will take its natural course.  Although it seems to be a common question asked, not one of our clients has ever come back to us with complaints in this regard. In fact you will most probably find that you will “hold up the white flag” in surrender well before the VIP Escort.

What are the differences between escort and VIP category?

The differences are: Escorts are mostly full-time in our company. VIP Escorts are usually part-time escorts which are prettier, and provide GFE. They are limited, high class and exclusive in our company.

Do your escorts go for medical checkout? Are they clean and hygiene?

Yes, we make sure they are healthy, clean and hygiene. We ensure our clients are safe from any STD’s disease.

Can you provide a top quality escort girls and services?

Yes. We will require special arrangement and the price will be different. Girls in a VIP Escorts category are usually part-time models who discreetly lead a secret life. They prefer clients who would respect and take good care of them, as they will provide clients GFE experience.

How can I be assured that I am meeting a nice escort?

Customer satisfaction is always our main priority because we want our customers to return to us in the future. Therefore, you give us your preferences for the night and we will source for you.

What about advance reservation?

Yes. We would encourage our customers to make an advance reservation so that we can reserve the best and most suitable ladies/girls for you to fulfill your wish.

Are condoms supplied?

Yes. Ladies will provide the condom. Our ladies are hygiene and practice safe sex. It is for the safety of our customers.

Will the escort stay for the whole entire hour?

Not necessary. Generally, once the customer ejaculate, the service is considered done and the lady will move on. The lady will stay for 1 ejaculation if booking is for 1 hour. If you are a nice gentleman person, she will stay a little longer with you but not exceed 1 hour period time frame. However, if you wish to spend more time with her, the best way is to have an intimacy moment with her before proceeding to an intercourse session.

Can you send me photo of your escorts?

No. We would never know whose hands our escorts photographs or digital image would end up to. Not only that, our VIP Escorts and Models are professionals who has a career and day job, so they do not wish to be identified or recognized in public.

Can I take out my girl to entertainment outlet or dinner in public?

Yes, definitely. You may go to bar, pub, night club. The more both of you have mutual respects, the better your satisfaction of spending intimate time together would be. Thus, intercourse would be magically hot!

Are your fees negotiable?

No, they are as stated.  However for bookings longer than four hours, dinner dates and regular, repeated bookings we can certainly discuss prices. Yes we are negotiable on extended or group bookings.

Is 1 hour the minimum for a booking?

Yes, however we recommend at least a 2 hour booking to appreciate a GFE experience.

How to oder?

Call us at (+6) 011 1555 9911. We will arrange everything for you immediately.

Do you offer any natural services?

We do not condone any form of unprotected vaginal or anal penetration. Please do not labor this point with our Escort as it will only lead to an uncomfortable moment in what should be a very enjoyable time for you both.

Can an escort meet me in another city or overseas?

Our escorts can travel anywhere within Malaysia only.

How long does it take for the escort to arrive?

It will take approximately about 30 – 45 minutes if you are in city centre Kuala Lumpur. 45 – 60 minutes if you are in suburb area.

Can I ask an escort to wear a special item, lingerie or sexy outfit during intimacy?

Yes, most definitely. Just specify your requirements in your email or online booking and we will accommodate you. For your information, most of our Escorts love beautiful lingerie.

Can I book more than one escort?

Yes, of course. Many of our clients like to see two or more escorts at the same time.

Can I book an escort or two escorts for multiple guys or for a buck's party?

No. You are definitely in the wrong place.

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

No we do not charge cancellation fees if we are informed of a cancellation within a reasonable period. In the event an escort has already arrived at the nominated hotel or residence and the booking does not take place we will be entitled to pursue a reasonable fee to cover her costs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at with your questions and we will be happy to answer them as best as we can.

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